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Donald Trump’s Daughter’s Relationship With Her Nigerian Boyfriend Is Waxing Stronger


Our Nigerian brother Michael Boulous intimate relationship with Donald Trump’s last daughter Tiffany is waxing stronger and it is generating interest all over the world.
Michael Boulous is officially dating Donald Trump’s last daughter Tiffany but first a background of Michael’s trace to Nigeria.

Michael’s grandfather George migrated to Nigeria from Lebanon in 1936 and started a multi-million dollar business in Lagos known as Boulous enterprise.

Before the patriarch of the family died, he got a Nigerian passport which confers the Nigerian citizenship on his kids and grand kids, Michael inclusive.

The family who are now Nigerians control the tissue paper market in Nigeria as they are the makers of Rose plus tissue paper and other Boulous Tissue products in the market.

The family is also representing Suzuki in Nigeria as well as SCOA Nigeria and they have investment in retail and construction.

Michael was also born in Lagos, he attended the elitist Corona college in Lagos before he moved to London for his undergraduate studies but his dad is still in Nigeria where he is running the family-owned business.

The couple met on vacation in Mykonos Greece last year summer and according to report, love smitten Tiffany has taken her boyfriend to meet her dad thrice now.

‘She introduced him to her family at last year Thanksgiving at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, they also spent the Christmas together at the White house.

Also during the Easter celebration that happened last month, Tiffany brought Michael along to Florida to stay at her father’s resort and then attend church with the Trump’s family on Easter Sunday.

The two young couple were also spotted at Cannes France last weekend, a trip that cost US taxpayers a whopping $20,000 and caused outrage.

News of the relationship has reminded people of the time the president once reportedly called Haiti and African nations “s–thole countries during a meeting at the White House.


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