July 2, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

5 Tools You MUST Have For Your Small Business

Small business owners are constantly discovering ways to be successful. To manage a successful business, you require unique skills, hard work and perseverance. To achieve this, you have to incorporate some indispensable tools into your business. Currently, advancement in technology has helped to expand a number of businesses.


This is an ideal application tracking system tool for medium-sized businesses. This platform executes business persons to manage their business projects. Asana is a tool that ensures your team and projects are brilliantly organized. If you require your medium-sized business to project, you need to
keep your plans, tasks, ideas, and conversation in one platform where your employees and project managers can contribute.

This tool contributes to the creation of multiple projects. Each team member is assigned a specific project and when completed is checked. This will aid you assess growth of the business as well as business projects.

With Asana business tool, you will never miss out things like team meetings. It is equipped with reminders, to do lists, and requests to place you on track. As follows, you will respond to progress and have the ability to communicate with your staff and team leaders.

Asana is a free app that works on android and iOS platforms. It’s straightforward to use and install.


This tool is described as the most ideal for project collaboration and team interaction. This medium incorporates various departments in your business such as the technology, transport and distribution, retail, and research departments.

With this tool, you have the ability to establish various channels for various departments of your company. Moreover, you are fit to share files such as spreadsheet, PDF, and other files to your team through drag and drop.

It gives you an opportunity to connect with other business tools such as Paypal, Google drives, dropbox, hangouts, to keep your ideas in one place. Some of the most successful companies use slack to manage their business. This means that it’s a brilliant idea to coordinate your junior team.


This is an imperative scheduling social media tool that helps you to manage social media platforms easily. Today, almost 80% of the world’s population are in one of the social media platforms. This makes it the most elevated platform to market your business. However, it’s not easy to manage all the social media platforms especially for businesses. Thus, buffer helps you to format posts and ensure your message is communicated across all the platforms. Moreover, the app analyses the performance and success of your posts.

This software helps you to attain your target group by suggesting the precise time and day to present your posts.


In the current generation, almost everyone has an email address. This is an ideal way to manage your customer contact lists. Through MailChimp, you can market your business by forwarding them mails. The current free for lists is 2,000 subscribers. This makes it easier to send emails to multiple lists. This tool provides templates that enables you to send emails easily and with an appealing style. Moreover, it is incorporated with analytics to present you how well your mails have performed.


Trello is a popular app that most successful businesses use. With this app, you are capable to follow your tracks of work in a straightforward way. It has the ability to attach notes, set due dates, and cards. You can plan your team projects and assess them via the app. Trello is ideal to for both enormous and small-scale business. The cost depends on the number of teams you add.

Dennis Hung is a writer of all things business. He’s an expert in sales planning, strategy, pricing, and product Marketing. He has extensive knowledge in organic-only SEO, social media marketing, lead generation, and management consulting. As well he has administrative experience training in call centers and personal sales teams.

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