June 28, 2022
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The Africa Movie Academy Awards, popularly known as AMAA and The AMA Awards, are presented annually to recognize excellence of professionals in the film industry.
The AMA awards are widely considered to be Africa’s most important film event and the most prestigious film award in Africa.
It was founded by Peace Anyiam-Osigwe and run through the Africa Film Academy. The awards are aimed at honouring and promoting excellence in the African movie industry
as well as uniting the African continent through arts and culture.
This year’s award press briefing was held yesterday 26th January in Lagos, Ikeja, and it was attended by some media representatives, Bloggers, journalists, and many others.

The AMA Awards Nomination is going to take place on the 17th – 29th 0f March 2016 at Dubai. All filmakers and stakeholders will also be available for the nomination at dubai.
Meanwhile, AMA is responsible for the transportation of all nominee.
Speaking also is Akinfolarin Oluwaseun, one of the directors of AMA Awards, ” ama is about bringing more wealth to creativity in African Cinemas.” He also added that,
Many actors and actresses in Nigeria got there first visas through AMA.
AMA over 15years try to increase thier quality by facilitating through international collaborations.
AMA have trained over 5,000 youths in film making.
The Date of the event is 30th of April, but the Venue is still yet undisclosed, but somewhere in Lagos.
This event is proudly sponsored by Bayelsa State Government, UBA, GLOBACOM, AIRTEL and many more.

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