August 5, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA


If it’s true, you read it here first. If it’s false and the parties involved start ranting, then my hand is not there oh…lol. But here’s the gist. There’s this pretty lady (Her IG name is bluediamond224) who reportedly hangs out a lot with Wizkid in the US. Rumour had it that they have been secretly dating for quite a while now. But since we knew Tania Omotayo was the babe shown in public, she seemed irrelevant. After all, we all know these singers love to keep an array of side-chic upandan…continue it gets more interesting…:-)

Now back to the pretty lady.. She is a very close friend to American Reality TV personality – Natalie Nunn. To cut the long story short, this lady in question who has previously shared pretty close photos of herself & Wizkid, shared photos of her baby bump (clothed & naked) on Social Media after she had a baby boy. She first showed off the cute little hand of her son a week ago and then shared other photos.

Now, three days ago, Her friend/TV Personality, Natalie confirmed that her best friend in the US had a baby boy. She also said she’s visiting Lagos, Nigeria soon.  Hmmn. Oh wait, she also said something which caught my attention. The baby in question was ‘Half Nigerian’.. What the? Hold on, Does that ring a bell? But of course… Erm, the baby daddy also lives in Lagos? Right? Hehe..
Ok.. To crown it all up, the lady announced the name of her son on instagram. You guessed right.. It’s Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun jr. All said & done, should we say congrats to Wiz on his second child? Swipes weave and walks away.. Lol

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