June 27, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Appear slimmer or fatter in 5 mins (lines)

Clothes, colours, lines, designs affect the way we look they either make you look bigger, smaller or perfectly proportioned
Let’s start with lines, what effect does it have?
Lines are a mark or stroke long in proportion to its breadth.
Basically we got three types of lines that’s gives great effect to the body size the diagonal, horizontal, vertical and the curved line.
Effects of vertical lines
 Use of vertical lines gives the impression of height and slenderness by leading the eyes from top to bottom. Single vertical lines are the most effective in creating an illusion of a slender figure, More than one vertical line causes the eyes to move from left to right, and so two vertical lines which are close will make you thinner while two vertical lines far apart will make you look wider.
*Do not place vertical lines at hips; ladies with fuller tummies should stay away from any detail that adds volume to this area.
Effects of horizontal lines.
Horizontal lines give the width effect therefore making you appear broad and short; it divides your height. Horizontal lines are great for pears, women with a long waist and those who are with smaller burst. It shortens a longer waist, create curves for women with smaller burst and add volume to the top for pears and.
*Avoid placing horizontals your burst (big burst), fuller tummy or thighs because you’ll be drawing the wrong attention to this part of your body.
Effects of Diagonal lines
A diagonal line can have two effects, depending on whether it is at a more vertical or horizontal angle because the eyes always move from the upper to the lower end of a diagonal line. A short   diagonal which is more horizontal will cause the eye to move quickly from one end of the line to the other, creating an illusion of width. Same as the longer diagonal which is more vertical will lead the eye more slowly, creating a longer, thinner appearance.
Effects of curves
Curves do Produce the same illusion as straight lines; although, curves are more flattering in clothing.  Because the female body is naturally curved, curved lines can be used to re-emphasize or define your figure.
It is important to note that When lines converge at a point, the eyes follow them to the point at which they meet and become a focal point making that part of your body look smaller. Equally, when lines diverge from a point, the eyes follow them to the end, which become a focal point, which makes you appear wider. Making lines meet at a particular point you want to make appear thinner is great.
Please drop your comments what effects do lines have on you ?Thanks.

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