June 28, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Arms Deal: I Won’t Return N100 Million, Says Chief Olu Falae.

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Chief Olu Falae, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party was named as part of the recipients of funds from the office of the former National Security Adviser.
His party had allegedly received N100 million from the former NSA.
Despite considerable pressure, Chief Falae has insisted that his party will not return the sum of N100 million.
He said in a press statement that the money SDP received was from Chief Tony Anenih and not from Sambo Dasuki.
“Our fund did not come from the arms deal, our fund came from an electoral alliance with the PDP and we knew that the PDP had a fund raising committee that gathered billions of naira and PDP had been in government for 16 years.
” So, with that, we knew that the PDP had the capacity to fund the alliance that was formed with them by the SDP,
he explained.
Denying any deal with Dasuki, he said that his party had direct dealings only with Tony Anenih and as such his party would not refund the money.
Chiwf Falae said
“We can’t refund any money to anybody because the money we got as a party came because of the alliance we had with the PDP and we have the agreement note from this alliance.
“If it is possible that the money Chief Anenih gave us was from the arms deal, it is left for them to ask Chief Anenih to clarify. As far as we knew, we did not have any dealing with Dasuki.”

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