June 30, 2022
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Be attractive,perfect for ladies.

 As ladies and gentlemen we need to know what panty fits any occasion,you might be wondering why men? Well ,this is so you know the best you want for or fits your woman.
To avoid panty lines these panties are the best;
Thongs area bare back basic panty that eliminates panty line especially when tight fitted skirts or leggings are worn. There are many kinds of thongs;

The G-string-has a little triangular fabric at the front and a thin string around the hips and one go in between the buttock cheeks. It is a skimpy style and perfect to eliminate panty lines.

The V-strings are just like the G-string but only a string at the back that separates into a V or a small triangular piece at the back waistband.
The T-backs have strings that stretch straight across your waist and so from the back, bottom straps a T shape is formed.

Riosis quite similar to the T backs only difference is the waistband rises above the hips instead of sitting across your waist and back.
Image result for rio panty thong

Tangasare the most covered kind of thongs because it possesses a wide waistband and back strap.
 For comfort and coverage the following are perfect
Bikinis–A bikini sits three inches below the normal waistline but still gives full back coverage with leg openings cut above the thighs.
Side tie-provides an interesting style, it has a ribbon designed tie which can be loosen and tighten up.

The classic bikinis-this can be above or below waistline it gives full back coverage and comfort.

String bikinis-has tiny sidelines with single, double or triple strings. No full coverage.

 The Lace /Brazilians bikinis-made of lace material and offers style, comfort, good coverage.

Image result for see through lace bikini

Boy cut shortgives full coverage with low a low riding waistline and leg opening that is placed above the thigh. A boy cut lengthens your torso.
Image result for boy cut pantyImage result for boy cut panty
Culotteslooks like a boy cut except it is designed in form of a wrapped skirt.

Modern briefs-the waist band is lower the natural waist. This pant gives a full back and front coverage only a lower rise.

Hipsters briefs –gives same style as boy cuts but the leg openings are above the thighs and no extra fabric .
Image result for hipster briefsImage result for hipster briefs

High –cut briefs-have high cut openings in front ,the waistbands sits at or above your waistline, it also gives full coverage.

French cut briefs-this are the highest cut leg openings, higher than the standard high cut briefs.

Control briefs– for ladies with extra lower tummy it would help to slim your tummy, it assists in controlling features all round.

These perfect panties would make you feel most comfortable.

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