June 26, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Caitlyn Jenner makes dramatic revelation: “I don’t see myself dating women in the future.”

Yesterday, in the teaser of the second season of her reality show, Caitlyn Jenner made a stunning revelation: that she doesn’t see herself ever dating a woman again.
Caitlyn Jenner. (E!)
In the first season of her show, she said she had bigger problems to think of than reaching Org*sm, but now the famous trans-woman is confronting her S3xuality. “To be honest with you, I don’t see dating women in the future,’ the 66-year-old star said, and then she went on to mourn Bruce Jenner, admitting that she may have thrown that part of her life away in a haste.
“Sometimes I feel like I’m throwing old Bruce out the door. Maybe he didn’t deserve to be gone,’ Caitlyn broke down in tears after receiving a drivers’ license which bears her new identity.
Caitlyn transitioned last year after a tell-all interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer and revealed her new look with a head-turning feature on the cover of Vanity Fair.This guy/lady is Crazy(Forgive my Language)as if changing to a woman wasnt irritating enough. I rest my case 

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