June 29, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Chicken Republic Latest Advert Using Caricature Of Oliseh Metuh Eating EFCC Statement

Sometime last week, one of Nigeria’s biggest fast food restaurants tweeted this ad on their official twitter page; “Why eat your words when you can eat our meals” and “Special delivery for Olisa” with an EFCC logo on the ad, which is in reference to reports that PDP Spokesman Olisa Metuh allegedly ate or tried to eat a document containing statements he made to the EFCC so it won’t be used as evidence against him in court which Metuh has since denied he did. But that didn’t stop Chicken Republic from latching on the controversy and using it as a publicity stunt for their brand.
Nigerians who found the ad distasteful came for Chicken Republic on social media…some are even calling for a boycott. 

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