June 29, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Drama In Ebonyi Hospital As Lassa Fever Patient Escapes From Hosiptal

A hospital in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria has been thrown in disarray following the controversial disappearance of a patient with Lassa fever to an unknown location.
There is panic in the eastern part of Nigeria as a male patient who tested positive to the disease was reported to have escaped from a hospital in Ebonyi state to an unknown destination according to the Leadership.

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The Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole who expressed dismay concerning the situation stated that the patient could not have absconded on his own without the help of some of the healthcare givers in the hospital and has so far directed‎ that the patient must be looked for and treated immediately.
“He should be traced and taken back to the facility. He should be reassured that he will live if the treatment is done promptly as he could not have absconded on his own without the support of the health officers.
He lamented that so much is been expected from the Ebonyi state government as it has not done enough. He said there was no need for patients to be transferred to‎ Irrua in Edo state when the state has a functional healthcare centre.

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