June 23, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Europa League: Unai Emery chides Wenger’s Arsenal record

Unai Emery has defended his record as Arsenal manager and claims he has made the team more competitive than they were under Arsene Wenger.

The Spaniard is under scrutiny, following Monday’s 1-0 defeat at newly-promoted Sheffield United.

The defeat saw Emery’s men fail to climb back into third position in the Premier League.

Wenger finished sixth in his final season at the Emirates and although Emery’s revamped team improved by one position, his maiden campaign finished on a sour note following a 4-1 loss to Chelsea in the Europa League final.

Defending his record ahead of Thursday’s Europa League clash against Vitoria, Emery told the media: “Sometimes we forget the memory and we need to remember. When I arrived here, this team needed to improve being more competitive.

“This team in the history was winning 1-0 and being very competitive, but it wasn’t enough. Then one process being competitive and with improved creativity.

“When I arrived here, the creativity is more or less good, but being competitive was worse. It was not enough.

“I think last year I started to improve being competitive, also more or less creativity with some very good matches playing with that creativity.

“The supporters, there are a lot of supporters with different opinions. Some want more creativity, some want maybe more intensity, more energy. I want both and my way is both, both sometimes one player is less with than that another because this is the way.

“Last year we did not achieve, we were in the table by one point and in the Europa League final and we lost in the end. And OK, we were there. And this year – be there and take it.”

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