June 29, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Female Corper Narrates How She Escaped From Being Used For Money Ritual

Last Wednesday, January 20, at Eteo, in Eleme area of Rivers State, a man said he saw people gathered round a car. On getting close he saw a Corper on handcuffs, and some men being questioned.

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Here’s the story of what happened as told by the Corper:
She boarded a taxi to her PPA, on reaching her destination she gave the driver One thousand naira (N1000) only for the driver to accuse her of paying with a counterfeit naira note. She denied it, but one of the passenger then claimed to be a Police Officer concurred with the driver.
The man brought out handcuffs and cuffed the Corper, claiming they are taking her to police station.
Luckily for her, a passerby saw what was happening and raised an alarm, which prompted the youth of the area to come out.
After so much argument, the youths insisted on searching the driver, only to find more counterfeit notes on him. The other passengers tried to escape including the fake police officer, but were caught by the youth.
The female corper was rescued from them and the man were handed over to police. They have confessed and are making useful statements to the police about this new trick of using people for rituals.
We all should be careful, especially corpers who are new to the area they are posted and are vulnerable.

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