July 2, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Funke Akindele Is Dating Another Married Man! – This Time its JJC Skillz!

The 39-year-old Nollywood actress is in love again, and it’s official. She is now dating 38-year-old Abdul Rasheed Bello aka JJCSKILLZ of the defunct JJC & 419 Squad crew and “We are Africans” crooner. Bello is a father of 3 children aged 18, 15 and 9.

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 He also has 3 babymamas. Funke is so smitten and now spends most of her time at his Prime Water Garden home at Ikate, Lagos or with him in London. Bello also doesn’t joke with her…. Luv is a beautiful thing. so happy for her.

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