June 24, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Get slim in few minutes(polka dots)

Tips on Polka dots
Sizes, colors and arrangements of the dots have effects on our body size.
Color of background matters it dark colors gives slimming effect and bright colors give an overall widening effect 
Darker dots creates less widening effects
 Color contrast gives effects slimming effects too.
Lights /warm colored dots create a widening effects on dark/cooler color background when they are placed together.
 Cooler/dark colors on light/warm background creates a slimming effects.
Arrangements of the dots and distance depends on the color way
Slimming effects are dark background with small to medium dots or vertically or diagonally organized polka dots on dark background
Bigger dots give a widening effect .
 Smaller dots give a smaller effect
Rare dots on dark background would give slimming effects
Dense polka dots prints give widening effects.
Also polka dots are flattening when it is busy it makes shape less sharp and could disfigure ones shape .
Please never say never to polka dots it’s a feminine and classy pattern however playful and spry
 i love polka dots.
Tell me what you think ,”POLKA DOTS”.
(check out effects of lines)

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