June 29, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Give Away Questions : Click Here To Enter & Win

To win just answer some of the Questions below; Random winners will be selected and contacted. who knows, u , might be lucky????!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.  Who  is the current leader of the SMD ( Supreme Mavin Dynasty)
2.  Who won the last Ballon d’or
3.  Name the Current Governor of Kogi State
Just comment with your answers to each question and it’ll count for 3 entries.
I’ve listed the contest rules above this post and they will remain there until the draws later  on tonight .  You can also go here.
Don’t forget, if you start ‘following’ and dropping comments regularly slimxclusive.Com. blog that counts for one in the next months Giveaway!
I look forward to your answers!

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