June 28, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

How Awesome are you? By Grace Uduma – Olugu

So today I was looking through the pages of a fashion magazine and saw different looks.
They had a section for people who looked really good.
Um ,what qualified these people to be in the “awesome” looks category?
What was so “awesome” about their looks?
It got me thinking;what makes people “awesome”?
You are only as awesome as you put out.
People can’t tell how awesome you are,unless you carry yourself with dignity.
Talk well.
Walk well.
Exude confidence that can only be found on the front pages of a magazine.
With your own pizzazz.
Work with what you have.
Don’t complain.
Be content. 
You have what you have, for a season and a reason.
The season is a period of time.
The reason is the purpose.
Exceed expectation!
Be awesome!

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