August 7, 2022
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Incredible oils that make your hair grow fast.

You might be asking “how can I improve my hair growth?” since it is one of your New Year resolutions. The good news is Oils are the best for your hair growth and skin beauty.
Oils are neutral substances that are a vicious liquid at room temperature and are both immiscible with water and miscible with other oils. Oils are usually flammable and slippery. They are used for food, fuel, hair products, and the manufacture of paints, plastics, and other materials. There are two major types of oils organic and mineral oil. Organic oils which are best for your hair are produced in various ways by plants, animals, and other organisms through natural metabolic processes.

10 wonderful oils and their benefits to your hair.

Argan oil this oil is native to morocco, produced from the kennels of argan tree. It is known as a corrective anti-aging serum, often called the liquid gold. This oil contains vitamins A and E, omega-6 and omega-9 also fatty acids. It helps restore stressed skin, frail nails and dry hair on contact. It works perfectly to add shine to dull hair and on split ends.
 Macadamia nut oil originated in Australia is light, regenerative, non-greasy oil. It contains omega-3 to omega-6 and vitamins A and E. Due to its natural ability to act like the body’s oil it absorbs easily into the skin, hair and scalp. It can be used as body cream, hair treatment, facial oil, makeup remover, facial cleanser.

Coconut oil is said to be the healthiest oil on earth as it contains proteins, capric and lauric acids which tighten and tone skin, fights wrinkles and at the same time nourishes the hair. It is easily absorbed by the skin, giving your hair luster and healthy scalp by strengthening your skin connective tissues.

Almond oil is a perfect natural beauty treatment for all kinds of skin, hair and scalp, containing various vitamins such as vitamin A,B1,B2,B6 and E which aids in the anti-aging properties naturally and moisturizes your skin, promotes hair growth, regenerating the scalp and nourishing the hair.
Jojoba oil grown in California, Arizona northwestern Mexico consists of micro elements like zinc, silicon, iodine, chromium, copper, vitamins E and B. This oil has a natural affinity to the skin and scalp and is easily absorbed without clogging pores or making the skin feel greasy, this oil has an extra-ordinary ability to soften your skin and reduces wrinkles.
Grape seed oil is a great conditioner for the scalp, hair and nails. It can be added to other oils. It is very light, non-greasy antioxidant. It’s an effective hair moisturizer regular use of grape seed would make you more attractive and healthier it reduces hair loss also.
Geranium Oil   is a wonderful oil with so many uses it is  native to the Cape Provinces and the Northern Provinces of   South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Used by the Egyptians for promoting beautiful and radiant skin, geranium oil is now used to treat acne, reduce inflammation. Alleviate anxiety and balance hormonesThis sweet-smelling oil can also uplift your mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness. It is a natural astringent, in chemical-free deodorant. It is an infection fighter. It is perfect for any hair.
Another super oil is the Emu oil which supplies the hair with vitamin A and E oleic acid. It is a non-greasy, non-toxic, oil which penetrates deeply forming a protective barrier, locks in moisture improves the conditions of all hair types.
Eucalyptus Oil
Extracted from the eucalyptus tree’s dried leaves, likely to be found in cough drops or aromatherapy blends. Used in hair nourishment and gives your hair an excellent look when used with olive oil and coconut oil. Also used as odor remover and spot cleanser.
Olive Oil which is rich in monosaturated fatty acids is my favorite it is the ultimate deep conditioner for your hair, cheers to Oleuropein (which is also found in argan oil) and squalene which are emmiolents means that it has softening effects on hair so it’s perfect for thick hair, same reason why olive oil’s also surprisingly good for your skin. It can help soothe eczema, repair collagen, and it even has anti-microbial properties. It adds moisture. It removes lice, dandruffs. It also adjusts processed hair (permed, relaxed hair).
With these unique oils watch your hair grow and skin shine like the sun and extra attractive.

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