June 25, 2022
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Someone sent this to me and I thought it right to share it
5 Things Every Student Must Bear In
Mind Before Graduation (A Must Read)
As a student, it is possible you are
thinking that getting a good grade is
all that matters (because that’s what
you have been made to believe). So
you work hard, put in the needed
effort just to see that you achieve
that. Well, that’s good but what you
may not know is that getting a
formal education is different from
getting a life.
I know you are planning to get a
good job and have a successful life.
The thing is that, for you to achieve
that, you have to face the real world.
It will test you. This kind of test is
different from the one you take in
school. As you may not have learnt
much about the real world. I want to
point out here 5 things every student
must bear in mind before your
1. A Good Degree Does Not Guarantee A
Good Job, Your Brain And Skills Do
To get a degree certificate is good but
gone are the days when jobs will be
waiting for you the moment you
leave school as a graduate. What
matters in the job market today is
what you can offer; what you can do.
There are thousands of unemployed
people with same level of degree that
you have. What do you think that
will differentiate you and give you
the needed edge, if not your skills
and your ability to think and solve
issues? You never can tell, that skill
you consider menial can earn you
more than your degree and
certificate could possibly earned you.
I have a pretty long list of people
who aren’t employed or earning a
dime with their certificates but are
fully employed and earning big with
one skill or the other they picked up
along the line.
Look out for practical skills in your
field of discipline and learn all you
can. It does not even have to be just
in your area of discipline. Believe
me, in the real world you need the
hard skills (e.g Proficiency in a
foreign language, Computer
programming etc) as well as the soft
skills (e.g Communication, Time
Management, Team work etc) to
2. Your “A”s in School Will Not
Necessarily Translate To Success In The
Real World
Robert Kiyosaki (one of the world’s
richest entrepreneurs) once told a
story about what happened during
his senior year in high school. He
and one of his close friends named
Mike were lined up in front of a
small group of students made up
primarily of the leaders (bright
students) of their class. Their
guidance counselor turned to him
and Mike and said, “The two of you
will never amount to anything,”
primarily because they were doing
terribly poor academically.
Few years after graduation Robert
and Mike went for their High School
Reunion and Guess what? the so
called class leaders were still
struggling and had not become
successful in the years after high
school. Where as Robert and his
friend, Mike are already successful
big time entrepreneurs.
Success in life is a product of the
application of success principles.
And unfortunately they don’t teach
you that in school. You need to self-
educate yourself on that. Go beyond
pursuing good grades and take time
to develop yourself. Never run from
what you need to learn. Learn and
apply the principles of success (they
are universal) in all you do and you
will succeed.
3. Who You Know Is As Important As
What You know
What you know may be enough to
get you through school. However, in
the real world, who you know is as
important as what you know. Now,
don’t get it twisted. I am not trying
to say that without connections, you
will not be successful and live the
good life you dream of. I am only
saying that with the right
connections the process would be
easier and shorter. Therefore you
need to build and maintain the right
connections and learn to leverage on
them when need be. So have it in
mind that your skills and knowledge
are important but then so are the
people you know. Bottom line: The
two are important to your success.
4. One Of The Most Important Things
You Need To Manage Well Is Money
In the real world Money is an
important tool. It’s going to feed you,
puts clothes on your back, and puts a
roof over your head. You may not
really know the value of money
probably because you have always
received it from friends and family
without really working for it.
Yeah, you have that privilege now
but you won’t in the nearest future.
If you do not learn how to manage it
now you may likely end up broke
and in debt when you face the real
world and trust me, it won’t be
funny at all.
When it comes to managing money I
have three rules for you: Save it!
Invest it! Multiply it!
5. True Success Does Not Happen In A
True Success is not by accident. It
involves process. It is an
accumulation of certain habits and
principles practiced within a stretch
of time. The road to true success is
often bumpy. It takes time. Little
wonder many usually try to use a
“shortcut” by getting involved in
shady lifestyles. That will only be
in the long run. The only way I know
to hasten success is to have a PHD. I
guess you are wondering what that
means? Well, it simply means
Passion, Hunger and Drive. And
don’t equally forget to put God at the
center of it all.
Thanks for reading this.. See you all
at the Top!!!

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