June 27, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Know the perfect underpant to wear (men).

It’s that time of the year when we need to look sexy and attractive to our partner and one way to do this is the UNDERPANTS.
Underpants, Do I hear you say underpants?
Yeah, underpants gives that extra masculine look and wearing the right one would make a gentleman look perfect.
The Briefs
These are for physical activities and are of two types the traditional briefs and midrise briefs.
These briefs are perfect for low rise jeans; briefs provide support for genitals, perfect for sitting all day jobs.
traditional brief                          mid rise brief
The boxers
I call this the freedom of movement underpants. This is the most comfortable and common of all underpants. Boxer work under suits, It can be tailored. The disadvantage is the little genital protection it gives. Never wear this for physical activities.

Boxer briefs
This is for support, coverage, activities. It sculpts the lower trunk and can be worn under all kinds of clothes especially tight pants. Boxer briefs are found in tencel, spandex blend which fits better or spandex and cotton. If you want a boxer and brief feel wear this.

This works well for low rise jeans trousers,tighter trousers and muscled bodies.It can be worn to the beach .

It is perfect for frontal support,It can be used during hot season and also it is what I call the freedom underpants.With this your genitals is protected in a pouch, the strings serves as a waist band and another goes between the buttocks.Best used for linen trousers best thongs are in spandex blends and nylons, its best worn with bright colours.
With this you should look sexier than you used to be.

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