August 1, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

LMAO! Checkout How A Guy Lost A Job Because He Listens To Lil Kesh 'EFEJOKU' Song

 According to this young man who shared it online, he lost a job offer because he was listening to Lil Kesh’s smash hit ‘Efejoku’. Read the hilarious story below


I had seen couple of people come up online to complain about unemployment. I took it so easily not until I graduated and finished my NYSC that I began feeling the heat of unemployment and job hunting fire. Being a serious unemployed in Nigeria Is frustrating and intimidating.
My first ever job I applied for my NYSC, after the application, with even my 2.1 grade I wasn’t even invited for any form of test or interview. Na so I begin apply oo and yet nothing positive showed forth. One that pained me was the one I and 4 of my friends applied for. four of my friends were called and I was left behind. That one pain me sote I began crying. I felt intimidated, that I wasn’t good enough. I felt dejected and down casted. I felt I wasn’t up to my peers standard. All that made me strong.
Late 2015, November precisely I applied for a job in Abuja in an Auditing firm. A friend of mine sent me the link to apply. After applying, I was waiting for a feedback till the end of December. Yet no call or email, or even flash came from them. Na so I just forget about them, filling 2015 has gone with it.
On the 5th of January 2016 I visited my friend of mine in Wuse. When I got there he was having a mini indoor party with his wife to be. They were playing “Efejoku” by Lil kesh. They were feeling the song. Immediately my phone rang. I checked the number calling and it wasn’t a number saved on my phone. I went to a corner that I could be able to speak audibly with the caller. I picked the call and it was a female voice. She said her name was Mabel and she was calling from the auditing firm I applied for the past year. Immediately I heard that, I immediately composed myself. But I was shocked the questions she started asking me.

At first I thought it was a joke or compliment but later, no be complement oo. Below was how our conversation went.

Mabel—- Good afternoon. My name is mabel, I believe am speaking with ********?

Me – Good afternoon .Yes you are.

Mabel—- Am from ******* Auditing firm. You applied for one of our vacant posts

Me ——- Yes I did.

Na here the call come turn another thing.

Mabel —— Ehmm, what kind of song is that ?

Me—- Song! Which song?

Mabel—The song at the background. Or are you not the one playing that song

Then I realized she was talking about the song “efejoku” playing at my own end. I never knew she was hearing it because I was not close to the parlour where the song is being played. I was quit far from the speakers. I told her it’s my friend’s place.

Mabel —- Why do you people like all these kind of wordly songs?

Me no know wetin to answer her. I thought she was calling to tell me that I have made it and their company had recruited me. I no come know the one wey she dey talk about song.

Me—— *silence**

Mabel—- It seems this is the kind of song you like too, you and your friends?

Me —- Not at all ma, I …..

She cuts in

Mabel — Our company wants responsible and sound people. Not mad men.

Me— (I didn’t know what to tell her) Am in my friends place.

Mabel — Your friend’s place? You guys stay in a ghetto area because we don’t want employees to bring thugs and ghetto into our company.

Me— No ma aaa oooo. Am not in a ghetto.

Before I could finish she has cut the call. I was very pained and angry. My friend asked me to go to their office in Wuse the next day.

The next day I went to their office. I met with one of the staffs who asked me to wait for one Mr. James na so I begin wait till the Mr. James came. I explained what happened the previous day to him. He laughed and asked me to come back the next day. When I came back the next day, the Mr james directed me to one Mrs Dammy. I guessed she was the one that called the other day. But it was unfortunate that the Mrs Dammy was not around. I was asked to wait. Na so I wait reach 4pm, work close.

I came back the next day, security no come allow me enter.  Few days ago I got a text from an unknown number which I believe it’s from the firm. The text read. “Sorry we can’t employ you. We don’t employ thugs in ******* firm.” The thing pain me again.

That was how I lost this job

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