June 25, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

LMAO!!!! Pastor Claims He Visited Land Of The Death To Retrieve a Dead Woman's Passport [Video]

Controversial Ghanaian preacher, Bishop Obinim has done the unbelievable but to some people think it’s nothing but magic! The Bishop who caused outrage after he stamped his foot on a pregnant woman’s stomach to heal her of an unknown disease and also earlier this month stomped on a woman’s stomach to make her fertile has done even something more alarming.

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According to Ghana Celebrities website, a female church member of the Bishop died and her family members came to meet him to please help them recover her international passport. Right during his ministration, the Bishop went into the spiritual realm, fell under the anointing and within few minutes returned from his journey and brought out the passport from his back pocket as church members went wild in jubilation.

If you still doubt this existed, my brother, my sister, watch the video below. But then, for the people that still think the world has a long way to go, have a rethink, the world was not created yesterday, well the world might not end now too, but the things of the end time are HERE. Believe it or not. Immediately I watched the video, I said to myself, what? This guy had this passport at the back of his pocket before he went into the realm. Why didn’t the passport fall from the air into his left hand which was wide open, why didn’t it fall on the floor of the church right infront of everybody, lets even say the Passport wanted to be around the Bishop why not the front Pocket that was visible to all, why the back pocket that was right behind? The video below…

SOURCE: Gistmania

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