June 26, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Man Sets Family Ablaze After In-laws Cancel His Marriage (Photos+Video)

A man has set his wife and son ablaze as they slept in the night after a most unbelievable revelation was given to him when he traveled to marry her but was rejected.
A man from Kisii set his wife and child on fire after his in-laws cancelled their marriage, News24 reports.
The incident which happened in Kenya has set his immediate family members in shock. It was revealed that the two lovers who had been staying together for a year, had gone to seek blessings from the wife’s mother when the incident occurred.
the man burnt his family alive while they were sleeping…..

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The mother-in-law allegedly told Abraham Moseti that he could not marry Alice Okemwa because they were related. Angered and stupefied by the new revelation, Moseti resorted to ending everything by burning his family. According to an NTV video, the man used petrol to light the house where his wife and son slept, leading to their death.
The man also caught fire and died on his way to hospital, while three other people were left nursing injuries.
Watch the video below;

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