July 2, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Olamide is finally searching for his First Lady: ‘She should be combination of Asa and Dejloaf.’

Last night, YBNL boss Olamide took to Twitter to announce that he is finally ready to sign on a woman to his successful label. “My YBNL First Lady should be combination of Asa and Dejloaf,” he tweeted, “What do you suggest?”
In his November interview with HipTV, the rapper said he was not looking to sign on a ‘diva’ and his reason was simple: that females have shorter attention span in the industry before they fade into obscurity. They stopped being S3xy, especially if they go on to have children, unlike the men who are capable of weathering the storm and stay on for decades. But if he would ever have to take on a female, she must been ‘hungry’ for success, three times more than him.

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Quite a confusing remark, many people think, especially for a record label owner in an industry heavily controlled by men. The Nollywood industry has seen more successful women who didn’t drop off the surface of the earth after having their children: they became amazons and are household names.
So, is it a case of record label owners finding women ‘less S3xy’ after they have had children, or do fans hold consensus to reject the works of these women?
Well, times are changing and Olamide is now ready to have a first lady who will eventually open doors for other women in his YBNL label.
See Olamide’s tweets:
– See more at: http://spellsmusic.net/olamide-is-finally-searching-for-his-first-lady-she-should-be-combination-of-asa-and-dejloaf/#sthash.fX6sJBmU.dpuf

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