June 28, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Peter Okoye Shares Shirtless Photo To Announce That He Is Not Feeling Well

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PSquare’s Peter Okoye is currently under the weather but that didn’t stop him from posting a sexy shirtless selfie for his female fans.
Laying in bed with his ripped abs and chest on show, a forlorn looking Peter today announced that he’s
Not feeling too strong and well today… Really need some rest man. #BodyNoBeFireWood
True talk! The music star has been very busy with his reality show Glo Dance With Peter which has proven to be a hit among tv & YouTube viewers.
 We are sure Peter could have told us he was sick without going shirtless but we aren’t complaining =)) …
I’m sure a lot of ladies won’t mind playing nurse to him…but sorry girls he’s happily married! 
Get well soon Peter!

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