August 5, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

SHOCKING CONFESSION! I Have Infected 31 of My Lecturers With HIV – Ghana Girl

The Whole of Kisii Town was thrown into shock after a Kisii lady named, Millicent B Motende, bragged on facebook that she has infected 31 men with the HIV virus and she is on a mission of leading men to their graves by spreading the deadly virus.
The post first appeared on a Kisii Group on facebook and later on another group with her swearing that she is targeting 76 more.
Motende Milicent is a student at Rongo University College and she has been dishing out her flesh to other male students and lecturers without using protection. She also gives out her honey jar freely around popular entertainment joints in Kisii.

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A reliable source said that she is on a mission of infecting more men and among those already infected are two lecturers at Rongo University. Was her facebook page hacked? and someone posted that? We don’t know, some tried contacting her and this is how she responded i thank GOD i hv yu@ ****** infct wengi wananifuata!!!j who said milly is the desperate bitch!!! She has since then changed her facebook username from Mee Lee Motende and opened another one under Millcent B Motende and has been unreachable.
As the people’s watchmen, we release her photos so that men can avoid her like plague. If you have had any s3xual contact with her, visit the nearest VCT centre as soon as possible.

SOURCE: Gistmania

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