June 28, 2022
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Really, why shouldn’t I use my cell phone? Virtually everything I need to do to be a better person is on my cell phone .at times I do not need to go to class because I would get the lecture online.
          I had to drop this because I think my friend is going insane, ever since he got an iphone he just doesn’t pay attention to anyone “his eyes are always glued to his phone”, his girlfriend is complaining same as his sister. I am so sure it’s not just him, guess everyone is including me, I no longer go to the boutique I  place orders online, haven’t seen my mum for 3 month I make video calls. Phones make life better but its evil because it would cause
1.     Emotional network failure: sticking to your phone causes stress, disconnects you from friends and tend to make you lose important moments in your life yeah my friend missed out on a raffle draw her name was called but at that moment she was having a very interesting conversation online.
2.   Bad eye sight: Continuos stare at our cell phones causes this especially when you’ve got a small screen. Sometimes I really have nothing doing but I find myself going through already read messages, latest uploads blogs, this causes serious effects to the eye. My mum once seized my brother’s phone when he began to complain about his eyes and after 3days the pains stopped.

3.   Laziness: I am a victim; I suddenly became lazier than I was after I got a smart phone. I watched my aunt sit over her desk at the office scrolling through her phone switching moods for over an hour. Laziness.
4.   Diseases: We should mind where we place our smart phones but we do not. Dropping on so many clean and unclean surfaces and still get in contact with our hands and without washing we pick up pieces of chicken from a bucket delivered at our doorstep.
5.   Poor interpersonal relationships: these days I visit my friend and ended up not saying up to a hundred words, I was chatting with him online and other friends all at the same time. Pretty sure am not the only one who do this.

The question now is how do I control my use of smart phones?
1.     Create a rule and abide by it, like no cell phone zone or do not use cell phone between the hours of 7pm and 8pm only.
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2.   Switch off your phone: Probably during work, class, religious service or when having a conversation with your friends.
3.   Cancel all phone appointment: I mean 30minutes before sleep and first thing done once you wake up. This way you have enough sleep and reduce stress.

These rules helped me sure it would help you too.
Have you got any more suggestions? Kindly comment below.

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