June 29, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA


5. The School Library-Am sure people will lash me for 
not putting it in number one but its due to my 
personality as I am not the library type, cuz I 
entered the library just 3 times in 5 years and not 
to read but to make photocopies (loolz), but trust 
Unilag, this shows in my grades and in the number 
of years spent on campus. So if you are of my 
personality, I will still suggest you visit the library 
more frequently than I did, say like 4 times in 5 
years *winks* if not…you know my story right??
4. Jekaplay-This is located directly under the 2001 
café. It is a chillzone (fun spot) and when the 
stress of registration and lectures is getting to you, 
you can always run down here to have fun. With 
the latest games and high resolution tvs, chilled 
drinks, snacks and best toast bread in school 
Jekaplay is a place you should visit in your 1st week 
in school.

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3. Unilag fm-This is the pride of the university as it 
is the 1st university radio station. 103.1 fm (I 
suggest you listen as information concerning 
school activities are usually passed every 
morning) is the frequency and its was formally 
located at the 7th floor of the tallest building in 
the university “the senate building”, 4 floors 
below the vice chancellor’s office but now at the 
mass communication department behind Afe 
Babalola hall. Unilag fm boasts of the best 
student presenters you can think of. You should 
pay the station a visit and see how broadcasting 
is being done.
2. 2001 Café-This is the biggest café in school and it 
is located at the heart of the school “new hall” 
opposite access bank. The 2001 café boast of over 
15 food booths of different tastes, quality and 
origin. There is no food, I repeat there is no food 
you are looking for that you won’t find here. My 
personal choice; JC canteen has the best jollof and 
fried rice and that is the 2nd booth on your right 
while mascot has the best ofada stew that’s the 4th 
booth to the left. Calabar kitchen has the best of 
native soup ranging from idikainkong to afam, and 
that is the last booth to the left while the best 
bread and beans is of the 5th booth to the left after 
mascot. The best yam and egg is served by the 4th 
booth to the right while the best noodle is served 
by the 1st booth to the left. Before you eat out in 
all the small cafes I suggest you try out the, most 
famous café in the University of 1st Choice, 2001 
1. Lagoon Front– Even people that are not Unilag 
students come into school just to have a firsthand 
view of the popular Lagos lagoon. The lagoon front 
is located behind the library stretching down to 
the back of faculty of business admin to the left 
and back of faculty of sciences to the right. I spent 
most of my early days in school here even tho 
most of my lectures were at DLI. You can go there 
to see the overview of the 3rd mainland bridge, or 
see the lagoon or probably just chill and enjoy the 
fresh breeze. It’s also a good spot to take that girl 
you met during registration and classes and you 
have been trying to scope *winks* 5 years back 
there use to be boats for boat rides down to 
bariga and to the 3rd mainland bridge and back to 
the lagoon front but recent incidents ensued to 
prompt the school authorities to ban them.
NOTE: So that’s that about that. I want to congratulate 
you on gaining admission, study hard and party hard, cuz 
when you are done and you don’t do both you will regret 
one way or the other!!! And please stay off 
relationships!! You don’t need them now!! Just 
friendship is enough!!!…
Ff on twitter/IG/Facebook @olabodesaygee.
And watchout for my Talk Show titled ‘PRODUCERS 
CREED on TV’ by Olabode Saygee…coming soon…

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