June 28, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA


5. Reggae Blues by Harrysong- Though came in late 
during the year but this song really created an 
unexpected buzz in the industry. Just when we 
thought we were done with hit songs for the year, 
harrysong teamed up with the best of the best to 
drop this tune.
4. My Woman My Everything by Patoranking– came 
in a little bit late in the year but when it came it 
took over the airwaves. Hook by wande coal and 
song by patoranking with a lovely video to go with. 
Patoranking defiantly did well with this follow up 
tune. A song you can sing for your mother, 
grandmother, wife and girlfriend naturally any 
woman doing good things in your life!!!

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3. Ojuelegba by Wizkid– wizzy really took us back 
to his hood with this song showing us how he 
grew up and the hustle and bustle of his hood. 
This song off the AYO album also was a massive 
hit and the remix drake and skepta just put the 
icing on the cake.
2. Godwin by Korede Bello– The 1st hit we got in 2015 
courtesy of the mavin prince. This song became a 
natural anthem everywhere in and around Nigeria. 
It was used even as praise in churches and I also 
heard that an alhaji got an unexpected alert one 
day and shouted ‘I don get alert GODWIN’ loolz.
1. Bobo by Olamide– Defiantly and unarguably the 
biggest recording in 2015.Olamide always has his 
way with hit songs but this was defiantly different. 
The song is defiantly a party starter and the 
biggest turn up song of 2015. When the girls in the 
club are saying they are tired and are not going to 
dance, as soon as they hear “tun tun tun tun tun” 
x6 izz young john the wicked producer. The omo 
wobes jump to their feet and do the bobo dance.
NOTE: this is my own opinion, am sure you have 
yours…tell us and let us know plssssss….
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