July 2, 2022
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Top 7 Reasons Ola Dips Is The Next Best Indigenous Rapper

In Nigeria of nowadays, the music industry is becoming more competitive day by day especially in the indigenous rap sector that involves Olamide, Reminisce, Phyno, Ola Dips, Chinko to mention a few.
Meanwhile, the shocking evolution of Oladips in the industry has been the talk of the town especially when his fans was hit by the good news of being signed by Reminisce record label.
However, this is not my first article about Ola Dips, I have written an article about the top 5 upcoming artistes you all should watch out for in Nigeria that featured his name, Even though Ola Dips is not currently the best, but here are the top 7 reasons I think he’s the next best indigenous rapper in Nigeria:
1.Fan Base:
In everything you do that needs publicity, people must love you for what you do. OlaDips aka omo Iya aje pulls crowd that so many of the self acclaimed bosses in the industry couldn’t.
It is not a gainsaying that he has thousands of fans nationwide even before he shot his first video. When he officially got signed recently by the LRR boss, there was a plan to release a track with its visual on a designated date, but the label boss, Reminisce had to confess on social network that the force been pulled by Dips’ fans is highly irresistible that they had to release the track when the date is not reached. That’s a huge positive sigh that he’s getting massive acceptance from people in the country.
The rate at which Ola Dips stands still is credible, hardly will you see an upcoming act in this country with more than 5 tracks. Bode has heard over 30 tracks to his name which makes him one of the most prolific singers the nation was blessed with.
He once said in his lyrics that releasing tracks closely is what making his fame come close, and if he fails, he would try over and over again, see where that led him to. A studio noise maker to a signed recording artiste.
3. Raconteur:
Do you know who a raconteur is? Well, a raconteur is a person who is skilled and talented in telling stories, if you have been following Ola dips for a long time, you would have realized how he mixes stories in between his lines when jumping on tracks, which is also welcomed and accepted by his fans.
As difficult as it seems , it’s one of the things that he does best which makes him different from other indigenous rappers worldwide.
A track of him without a little or more stories leave fans in surprise of why he decided not to give them what they want, and the storytelling ability is one of why people anticipate his singles with high desperation.
I wouldn’t type much on this, I haven’t seen any body that dwells in the entertainment industry that allows free relationship between them and fans like this man does, he allows free mutual relationship, gives reply when it is needed, I know of some people with his direct contact and welcome them when they needs him for one thing or the other. If at all you think it’s because he is not yet to be known up to some levels, check the history of those artistes when they were in his level, then compare and contrast.
This simply means relating to or involving activities in which people spend time talking to each other or doing enjoyable things with each other most especially in the generation of social networks, I always feel worried seeing people who sings and wants to get known, then find it difficult to gather fans through social networks.
I am so proud to say this, If I could fathom what propelled and ignited Ola Dips career so fast, It’s his prolific way in social networks which allows fan to interact with him and know what is going on about him and his career, even allows him to gain more fans.
If you doubt me check your favorite social network outlets and search for him, most especially on twitter and instagram. You will be amazed how fans react with him.
Ola Dips never relent in tending solemn request for help or expression addressed to God in his tracks, that stylishly shows how prayerful he is about his career on and off tracks, as an adage says.
“There are many things that are essential to arriving at true peace of mind, and one of the most important is faith, which cannot be acquired without prayer”.
This simply means there isn’t anything you can achieve without prayer and we have seen the result in the life of our dear Ola Dips.
Funny? If you have not been a fan of OlaDips, you wouldn’t know what BodyBody means, It’s a slang invented by himself in one of his melodious tracks, which simply means when someone tries to over-familiarize themselves with someone or something, especially if they(someone or something) are popular, and, or of status.
So does he FAMZ? Yeah he used to do it, as you know, I am a big fan Bode, I follow him wherever he goes, I know the time when he sends his songs to some notable people in the industry and put it up on IG when he gets positive response from them.
A memorable day is a day when a notable Baddyoosha posted about him and he immediately dropped a freestyle for him to describe his mood. Lately, the CEO of YBNL followed his Instagram account, he immediately put it up as well and announced himself as someone that has arrived in the industry
N.B: this isn’t to insult him, bodybody is almost wrong but However, once in a while isn’t such a bad idea because if done right, it can boost your ego and get you what you want.
It can even strike a business connection for you as suggested by Don Jazzy on his twitter page a while ago. Now see where famzing the right people led Omo iya aje to.
Ola Dips is not currently the best rapper, but he’s just different from others as he said on his latest track that featured his label boss.

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