June 29, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Veteran Actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo Slams Yaya Toure Over His CAF Awards Rant

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conic Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo has hit out at Manchester City star Yaya Toure over his rant at the Glo CAF Awards held last Thursday.
Toure had lost his crown to Borrusia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and he didn’t react to happily to it.
“I think that’s what makes the shame of Africa,” Toure had said. “To behave in this way is indecent! But what can we do?
“We Africans, we do not show that Africa is important to us. We give more priority to what’s going on elsewhere than in our own continent. This is what is appalling.”
“I give an example: it’s Lionel Messi who wins all the trophies but it’s Ronaldo who is Ballon d’Or. What would you say? It would be unfair.”
“Yaya will look after himself, and let Africa look after itself. Like I’m often told, you shouldn’t worry too much about Africa, because Africa will be the first to let you down.”
Mofe-Damijo, who was present at the award ceremony, criticized the former Barcelona man and called on him to apologize.
“He is a sore loser. There were people who were upset when he started winning and didn’t abuse CAF. Mikel won the 2013 Nations Cup and didn’t win best footballer award that year.
“For his (Toure) stature in the game and a four-time winner, he owes us all an apology for his conduct. Yaya Toure is not bigger than CAF and those who voted for the players.
“Suddenly he just fell from grace. Hubris is a bad thing. He never knew Africa was bad when he was winning,” the actor said.

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