October 5, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Viral Ajah Lady looks totally unrecognizable in new photos after being rehabilitated

You all remember the lady who was found in Ajah unclad, with rumors flying around on social media that she was thrown out of a moving car?

Well, the lady has been rehabilitated and now looks completely different! She looks totally health in new photos.

The Lady identified as Ene, was seen in October at Jubilee Bridge, Ajah. She had no clothes on and was so skinny, her bones were prominent.

Different people gave differing accounts of how she came to be found at the bridge.

As her story went viral, help came in the form of a kind Nigerian woman who rushed her to the hospital and got her medical treatment (read here).

One month after, Ene is recovering and looks way better than she did only weeks ago.

See the photos below;

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